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PolyreflexHi-Tech Co. Ltd.

is a large-scale manufacturing kingdom specially for producingpolymer plastic products, which are made of PVC, PP, PE, ABS and PP/PE mixed with thermoplastic rubber elastomer TPO.

Inthe manufacturing kingdom, there are 5 factories, respectively located inDongguan, Yichun, Wuxi, Da’lian in China and one factory in Vietnam. The head office is located in Dongguan. We hope to be your reliablepartner to achieve the win-win situation by our professional service.


Company goals

Our productssolutions


We employ510employees


More than 13 years technology know-how


We are there for you with 100% engagement


At 6 locations


Over 800,000 m2 production area


Sell more than 23 countries and regions


Every year we produce 29,000 tons Polyreflex materials


Everything from 1 source

Polyreflex's Goal

Polyreflex's goal is to become an

Innovative Plastic Sheet and Box Maker

- to discover more uses, better replaceability, be more environmentally friendly, to create a better life for mankind, and to provide superior service for plastic sheet and the box manufacturer around the world.
Brand Inspiration
The smiles of our clients, suppliers, partners and employees are connected into two infinite symbols, representing Polyreflex's endless innovation, development and application of productsWith our colorful products and various possibilities to build a better lifePolyreflex is a reflex of thermoplastic
Social Responsibility

Commitment to the environment

As a pioneer in the plastics industry, Polyreflex practiced and advocated environmental protection at the beginning of the company's establishment, and obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Take positive actions to support the commitment to carbon emissions in the UNFCCC. In the production process, strive to reduce consumption and recycle materials and energy, control the emission of gas and dust.

Commitment to employees

Polyreflex is committed to always treat and respect every employee equally. Polyreflex communicates openly and honestly with employees, and provides all employees with a comfortable and safe working environment, training and development opportunities, and a fair salary and profit sharing plan. Polyreflex's own employee regulations meet and exceed all health and safety regulations.

Commitment to suppliers, contractors, customers, partners, industry

Polyreflex regards the suppliers, contractors, customers, and partners who are responsible to the society as its most precious friends, and treats them with equality, respect and honesty, looking forward to long-term common development. Polyreflex is committed to providing super-quality customer service and obtaining high customer satisfaction. The last but not the least, Polyreflex hopes to play a leading role in the innovation and development of the business field.

Commitment to the product

Polyreflex attaches importance to the quality control of every link of the supply chain from the source of raw materials to the finished product. The promise to the product is the promise to the consumer. Polyreflex requires that each batch of goods must be confirmed by well-trained production workers and quality control workers to meet the product quality standard before entering the warehouse or shipping.

15 Years in Business


Affected by COVID-19, although we could not meet with customers, we achieved an annual sales growth of 35.8%


September 2020 Polyreflex Vietnam factory was moved to a new factory area of 30,000 square meters, with 12 production lines, double the production capacity


Affected by COVID-19, although we could not meet with customers, we achieved an annual sales growth of 35.8%


Affected by COVID-19, although we could not meet with customers, we achieved an annual sales growth of 35.8%

consultation service

Through discussions with customers, we will meet the requirements and provide customers with detailed and preferential quotations based on our capabilities.

product list

xxx has a rich product line, here is the sample book download of our different products

After-sales service

Every batch of products has passed our repeated quality. Even after the product is delivered, the service will not stop. Whether you need our personnel for emergency service visits or a reliable supply of raw materials, we are always your partner.

After-sales service

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