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Effective loading requires the safety of goods and the safety of unloading.

Plastic sheets are divided into big size sheets, such as 1.2 x 2.4m, 2.0 x 3.0m, and small size sheets after die-cutting, CNC cutting. In addition to plastic sheets of different sizes, all kinds of plastic packaging box, turnover box, sleeve packs, vacuum formed and injection molding products, etc., all of which need to be considered how to be packed into the container.
After years of loading and exporting, Polyreflex has accumulated rich experience in loading any single or mixed loading of different packaging products, so as to make full use of space, keep the goods from collision and ensure the safety of unloading workers.
  • Loading for standard size plastic sheets

    The common loading methods are order placement and cross placement. Whether the plastic sheets are packed by PE bag, cardboard or pallet, it can be loaded crosswise. However, the cross placement of pallets requires high technical on forklift drivers.

    4ft x 8ft ABS sheets
    Loading in Vietnam plant
    1000 x 2000mm coroplast
    2.5mm TPE / TPO in rolls
  • Loading for non-standard size plastic sheets

    What is needed for loading non-standard size plastic panels is excellent cargo combination and matching capabilities. Effective matching and loading can make full use of the container space.

    White corflute sheets
    Olive green fluted sheets
    Die-cutting rounded plate
    Mixed different sizes
  • Loading for plastic box and container

    Polyreflex collapsible turn over boxes and pallet containers save about 10 times the space of packaging, greatly reducing the labor cost and transportation cost. We generally pack the flat plastic boxes and sleeve packs on pallets or directly load them into containers for shipment.

  • Loading for thermoformed products

    Thermoformed products are usually more three-dimensional products, they may or may not be stacked. Some customers also ask us to help purchase machinery and equipment and load them in the container, we will make a loading plan in advance according to the actual situation of the goods.

  • Supporting tools for loading

    In view of weight limit and the mixing of different products, the goods may not always fill the entire container. It is necessary to use supporting tools to provent cargo movement during transportation, causing damage to the packaging and even the goods themselves.


Polyreflex has been China's top polypropylene sheet and thermoplastic sheet manufacturer for 15 years. We focus on lightweight polypropylene sheets, including pp corrugated board, pp honeycomb board and pp bubble board. Our solid thermoplastic sheets include PP sheets and films, HDPE sheets, ABS sheets, TPO sheets and ABS/PMMA composite sheets. In addition to wholesale plastic sheets, we also provide customized processing services including cutting to size, CNC routing, die cutting, printing, bending, welding, thermoforming, etc.