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We offer customized processing services for plastic sheets and products.

Polyreflex not only manufactures and wholesales polypropylene sheets and thermoplastic sheets, but also provides customized processing services for plastic sheets. In order to meet the customized needs of customers, we have added a new identity as a processor on the basis of the manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic sheets. This also makes us a more professional manufacturer of plastic products.

At present, our processing plant is equipped with a number of advanced processing machines and a professional processing team composed of engineers and skilled workers. The custom processing services we provide include die cutting, CNC cutting, silk screen printing, offset printing, digital printing, vacuum forming, blow molding, injection molding, thermal bending, welding and more. In addition, we support OEM and ODM services, from product design, prototype making, to accessories and packaging procurement, mass production, all can be done in one stop at Polyreflex.

Polyreflex 3D cutting service
Polyreflex die cutting service
Polyreflex CNC cutting service
Polyreflex laser cutting service


We have 7 automatic die-cutting machines and several semi-automatic die-cutting machines, which can die-cut PP corrugated sheets, PP honeycomb panels, and solid plastic panels with a thickness of less than 1mm.

With the help of CNC cutting machine, we are also able to do 90-degree grooving for PP honeycomb panels. However, CNC cutting machines are mainly used for cutting solid plastic sheets, such as PP sheets, HDPE sheets, ABS sheets, PVC sheets, etc. For plastic sheets that can withstand high temperatures, they can also be processed by laser cutting machines.

Polyreflex UV printing service
Polyreflex silk screen printing service
Polyreflex silk screen printing service
Polyreflex offset printing service


Plastic sheets, whether lightweight PP corrugated sheets or solid thin plastic sheets, are commonly used materials in the advertising printing and packaging industries. The processing that accompanies these applications is printing.

We provide silk screen printing, offset printing, digital printing. Different printing types are suitable for different pattern types and different printing substrates. Silk screen printing is suitable for almost all plastic sheets, but only simple patterns can be printed. Offset printing is suitable for printing on thin solid plastic sheets. Digital printing has a high acceptance of patterns and substrates, but can be relatively expensive.

Polyreflex vacuum forming service
Polyreflex thermal processing workshop
Polyreflex vacuum formed HDPE service
Polyreflex vacuum formed abs luggage


Vacuum forming, blow molding and injection molding are all done in Polyreflex thermal processing workshop. We have several vacuum forming machines of different specifications, which are capable of thermal processing both large and small size products.

Our automatic vacuum forming machine can produce up to 1500 vacuum forming products a day, which ensures our stable supply capacity. The PP, HDPE, ABS and TPO sheets provided by Polyreflex are all thermoplastic sheets with excellent thermoforming performance. The thermoformed products manufactured by them are of high quality and not easy to deform or crack.

Polyreflex OEM service
Polyreflex custom printing letter sign
Polyreflex OEM service
Polyreflex custom processing service


Some of our customers are retailers who sell their products either in retail stores or online shops. We offer them custom-made products with individual packaging and complete accessories that can be sold directly to consumers.

For example, replaceable sidewalk sign boards that are selling well on Amazon are our regular monthly orders. The materials we provide are PP corrugated board, PVC sheet, PVC extruded profile and HDPE base. The materials we source are metal rods, markers, and packaging materials. Combined with the processing services we provide, the final products we provide to our customer are letter cards and display board sets.


Polyreflex has been China's top polypropylene sheet and thermoplastic sheet manufacturer for 15 years. We focus on lightweight polypropylene sheets, including pp corrugated board, pp honeycomb board and pp bubble board. Our solid thermoplastic sheets include PP sheets and films, HDPE sheets, ABS sheets, TPO sheets and ABS/PMMA composite sheets. In addition to wholesale plastic sheets, we also provide customized processing services including cutting to size, CNC routing, die cutting, printing, bending, welding, thermoforming, etc.