• Thatchaya Nonthachat
    CEO (Tailand)

    We are supplier for automobile manufactorer, so the standard is very strict and need to test many times for the honeycomb sheet before big order. Polyreflex provided very good service for two years, then we buy from polyreflex. Many thanks for their hard-working.

    Masaki Watanabe
    Purchasing Manager(Japan)

    We have very high quality requirements. Polyreflex always listen to my requirements carefully, and pay attention to meet these requirements. They place quality at the most important place, and has so good quality control. To place order to them, I feel so relieved.

    David Fowler
    Chief Designer(UK)

    When I found Polyreflex in Alibaba, I have no idea which product is the best to fix my project. However, when I explain my idea to Polyreflex, they gave me very professional suggestion and advice, most importantly; they recommend suitable products to me and help me to realize my project.

    Londen Touchet

    I have done business with Polyreflex over 3 years, although we are not so smooth at the beginning, finally we found way to solve. Especially USA and China began to trade war from last year, we don't know how to solve US tariffs raising 25%, then we stop. Since polyreflex built up a new factory in Vietnam since the end of 2017, after checking importing regulations, we started the first container from Nov, 2018. Everything is good so far.

    Aleksey Rudoi
    Chief Designer(Ukraine)

    I and my team visited the 125th canton fair, we luckily found Jean's Booth. She is so professional on die-cutting PP corrugated sheets, she and her colleagues seem so reliable. Thus I placed a sample order and paid by cash. After two days, I came back to her booth, she already got my samples ready for my checking, the samples look so satisfied. Then we started a 20GP container. Ukraine's customs very strict, customers very picky, she cooperates me on every step very carefully.

    Krzysztof nowacki

    I am a mamufaturer of carton box in Poland. I started to cooperate with Helen 4 years ago. At the beginning half year, I always gave my thoughts or design about our box. Helen was very smart to learn my thought and made samples for me more than four times. We upgrade all details of the box, then I gave order. Luckily we found Polyreflex and now I have 1-2 containers from them, I had a new business because of Polyreflex's corrugated sheet and honeycomb panel.

  • Martin Jeskev

    I come from Germany and I required a final blade for my moveable container. Polyreflex discussed with me more than one year and started to make sample for me. Polyreflex team are full of patience and passionate. Finally they touched me, I decided to give a trial order to them. fianlly I got same quality with Germany's product. I am very happy.

    Antonie Tallie
    CEO(South Africa)

    Polyreflex is always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. I firmly believe that they can be our reliable supplier. And any time that I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it and they let me know what the next step is.”

    Asif Muhammad

    I met Helen and Eileen on Canton Fair, I saw their corrugated sheet. I gave them my sample for printing. They provide their sample sheets and pass the testing. We are supplier of McDonald, Coco Cola etc. so we need stable quality and durable. Polyreflex provide right and cheaper product. Nice to meet them and be their friends.

    Mr. Hamad Bader
    Purchasing Manager
       (Saudi Arabia)

    My agent helped me to find Polyreflex. I met them when I came GZ. they provided what I want and price is reasonable. I am happy to cooperate with them.

    Hoang Dang Minh

    Enjoy working with Polyreflex. professional, fast and very good service, always keeping the quality consistent and prompt shipment every order.

    David Rhodes
    Chief Designer(New Zealand)

    Polyreflex is a suitable for us very well because they supply what we need, they are handling our orders well and find some suitable solutions for us.

  • Pilar Diaz

    I’m not good at English. When I ask Polyreflex questions, they always try to answer me with simple English, pictures even video if necessarily, which let me feel very thoughtful and heart sweet.

    Sergey Sobolev

    We need some sheet and box can work under low temperature. You know it is very cold in Russia. Polyreflex solved this problem and pass the testing.

    Singh Sikka
    Chief Designer(India)

    We have low price needs, you know it's not easy to sell expensive goods in our market, but at the same time, we need the goods in high quality.
    Polyreflex always cooperate well to find the cost-saving solution for me, and keep the quality good.

    Sung-Hee Han
    Purchasing Manager
      (South Korea)

    I can speak Chinese very well because I worked in China for five years. It is easy for me to look for supplier in China because of my good Chinese. But Polyreflex always keeps reasonable price, consistent quality and best service. I think it is not easy to find such supplier in China.

    Al Quswa

    We manufacture pallet and lid, we have clients need the whole pallet sleeve box. I found Polyreflex is specialized on manufacturing pallet sleeve box many years, and they provide excellent service. So I send my pallet and lid for them to produce the matched sleeves for me. We already got 4 containers' pallet sleeves from them, the sleeves are very good, I believe I can sell a lot more.

    Yoram Yarive

    We produce emergency materials, we have very special requirement for the packing box. Our current box not so satisfied my needs, so I looked for a smarter box on Alibaba, and found that Polyreflex's pallet sleeve box is so attracting. We tried some samples, and found it much better than my previous plastic box, now we order the pallet sleeve box from Polyreflex to replace my previous box.

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