Polyreflex aims to become an innovative plastic sheets and boxes manufacturer. Polyreflex materials specially used for packaging include PP corrugated sheet, PP honeycomb sheet and PP film sheet. The reason why we recommend polypropylene as the material for packaging is that polypropylene has excellent performance in physical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, chemical stability and electrical properties. Packaging boxes made of PP corrugated board and PP honeycomb board are now gradually replacing traditional paper boxes in the turnover transportation and storage industry. All of this benefits from polypropylene plastic boxes, which are reusable and recyclable, light in weight and more stable in structure, moisture-proof and durable so as to extend the service life, thus providing a more cost-effective way of packaging.

Made of pp corrugated / honeycomb sheets

With professional designer team, exquisite production technology and advanced processing tools, Polyreflex provide sustainable Packaging Solutions. The box, case, bin, tote, tray, container made of polypropylene corrugated or honeycomb boards, lightweight but durable, recycle and reusable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, water and moisture proof, moth and corrosion resistant. PP corrugated packs colorful, easy processing, and low price; pp honeycomb packs high strength, heavy resistant, durable, elegant.

Made of polypropylene thin sheet

Polypropylene PP thin sheet strong and flexible, very ideal material for stationary and office supplies. The even and smooth surface makes it perfect for high definition printing (offset, UV offset, screen printing).Easily converted into packaging, advertising, high-end  boxes.Polyreflex not only manufacture the plastic boards, also provide all kinds of processing work, like cutting, printing, creasing, matching accessories, assembling and so on.


100% Recyclable

Environmentally friendly

Colorful and printable

Easy transportation

Chemical resistant

Cost saving

Light weight

Easy installation

Flexible customization

Packaging boxes for electronic products made of pp corrugated sheet

We provide anti-static packaging, which can greatly protect the storage and movement of electrostatic sensitive components of electronic products, to prevent the generation of friction electricity, prevent direct discharge with charged human body or charged object contact.

Packaging boxes for food (fruits, vegetables and drinks) made of polypropylene corrugated board

Box made of PP corrugated board is non-toxic and odorless, it is a plastic packaging that can come into contact with food. Good strength and hardness can better protect fruits and vegetables from damage due to packaging deformation during transportation.

Plastic boxes and dividers for cosmestic and electric toothbrush made of PP honeycomb board

Polyreflex provides packaging boxes with a variety of designs, and we also support OEM services for customized packaging boxes. You can tell us your load-bearing requirements and provide the design of the box, such as structure, opening method, internal partition, color, printing, etc. Then we can choose the most suitable material for you.

Storage boxes for big items, such as instrument box, flight case, collapsible bicycle box

Storage boxes made of PP honeycomb sheets are ideal for those that need to be opened and closed frequently to access items. The creasing method of the PP plastic box is a functional patent of Polyreflex, which has an excellent performance that can withstand more than 20,000 folds. We also provide plastic boxes combined with aluminum profiles or PVC profiles to obtain a more stable structure and longer service life.

Plastic boxes made of polypropylene film for small items, such as office supplies, stationary, gift and cosmetics

Common materials used in plastic boxes and bags for small items are PP, PVC and PET. Their advantages are obvious, that is, they can provide a visual packaging that allows consumers to see the products more intuitively when buying them. Compared with PVC and PET, PP has better flexibility and lighter weight.