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Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product

Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product

Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product
Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene ProductCustom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene ProductCustom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene ProductCustom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene ProductCustom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product
CategoriesPolypropylene (PP) Film
ProductFlexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product
Available ServiceDie-cutting, off printing and silk screen printing
Custom WorkColor, cut to size, labeling, assembly, packing
CertificateRoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead, No Formaldehyde
Main ColorTransparent, white, black, red, yellow
Main ApplicationFor stationery, boxes, printed cards & signs
FOB portShenzhen port, China
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, O/A
Update Time2021-10-24
Detail Information

Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product

  • Good Flexibility
  • Excellent Printing Ability
  • Resistant to Wear


Custom Processed 0.15-2mm Flexible Plastic PP Polypropylene Product 

 is made of polypropylene PP material through extrusion production. 

The pp thin sheet material, not only high transparency, good barrier, low density, non-toxic health, and can be recycled, when heating or burning will not produce toxic and harmful gas, does not harm human health, does not corrosion equipment, is a new type of green environmental protection packaging material. 

PP film sheet by heat forming and other secondary processing form can be made into a variety of products, mainly used for food, medicine, medical equipment and other packaging. Such as processing into jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave appliances can be used for food packaging.

Polypropylene (PP) Film Sheet
wear resistant thin pp sheet

Elegant Appearance

Polypropylene film sheet by adding color masterbatch and using textured pressure rollers, can produce the PP sheets with a variety of colors and surface textures, therefore the products made of pp film sheet has elegant apperance.

thin PP sheet for printing

Printing Ability

PP sheet is a plastic widely used in packaging boxes and stationery products. It has good printing ability, suitable for CMYK offset printing and silk screen printing.

Wide Temperature Resistant

Compared with a lot plastic materials, Polypropylene PP has wide temperature resistant. PP products can not only resist to low temperature, also high temperature; can used in fridge, also for heat resistant applications.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyreflex PP film sheet is recyclable. After the used polypropylene materials or products are fragmented and heated to the melting point, it can be recycled and reused.

Easy Processing

PP film sheet as a thermoplastic, can be easily processed, such as die-cutting, printing, welding, bending, vacuum forming, blow molding. It is very suitable for making boxes.


Thickness 0.15mm - 2mm
Width Max. 1100mm
Size 915*1220mm are standard sizes, custom size is available
Density 0.92 - 0.95g/cm3
Surface Glossy, matt, textured, grain
Color Transparent, white, black, green, blue, red, yellow are standard colors, custom colors are available
Service Options Die-cutting, laser engraving, offset printing, silk-screen printing, UV printing, thermoforming

Surface Type

Glossy PP sheet

Translucent and glossy PP film sheet

Gentle matt anti-scratch PP film

Gentle matt surface, anti-scratch PP thin sheet

Grain surface PP film with lines

Cross grain surface, PP roll sheet with lines

Processing Service

Die-cutting pp film sheet


CO2 laser cutting PP film sheet

CO2 laser cutting

CMYK offset printing plastic pp sheet

CMYK offset printing

Silk screen printing for plastic sheet

Silk screen printing

Attaching the 3M tape to printed plastic sheet

Attaching the 3M tape

Blister packaging for precision parts


The Use of Polypropylene Film Sheet

Office and School Supplies

With the multi-colors and a variety of surface textures, PP film sheets are popularly used in stationery products and office supplies, such as file packet, notebook cover, file folders, organizer, binder, writing board, etc.

PP sheet for Food Container

Food-contact Product

Polypropylene is non-toxic and odorless, it will not produce toxic and harmful gas when heated or burned, no harm to human health, which makes pp film sheet suitable for food-contact applications, for example, placemat, coaster, drinking cup, bowl, candy box,candy bag, wine box, wine bag, cutting board.

PP film for Packaging Boxes and Bags

Shoe & Clothing Product

Polypropylene Polypropylene PP thin sheet is the eco-friendly, reusable, waterproof and durable material. PP sheet is widely used in shoes and clothing industry, can be used as clothing box, clothing handbag, clothing drawing line board, clothing listing,shoe box, shoe lining, shoe drawing line board and so on.

PP film for Stationery

Signs and Lampshade

PP sheet has the advantages of high transparency, good surface brightness, less crystal points and ripples, and is easy to form and print, becomes ideal material for supermarket hanging, suitcase listing, road signs, drawer, raincoat box, photo frame and lampshade.

Solid PP film Divider for Electronic Products
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Polyreflex is a professional manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences, with five production sites located in China and one production site located in Vietnam.

Can you cut to size or print or thermoform?

Of course we can. Polyreflex processing center has a variety of advanced processing equipment, and a well-trained and experienced technical team to meet the customized needs of customers, such as cutting, machining, vacuum forming, injection molding, blow molding, assembly, etc.

What is the payment method?

T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union payment are available. Polyreflex is an Alibaba certified supplier, and it is also okay to place an order through Alibaba. https://polyreflex-cn.en.alibaba.com/

What is the lead time?

Usually 15 to 20 days. The specific lead time is best to be confirmed after letting us know the order details. We have stock of plastic sheets to meet urgent needs, and we can also advance the delivery time for customers according to the production condition.

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