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Packaging plays an important role in the products itself.

Effective packing can ensure that the plastic sheets are not damaged during long-term transportation and multi-way transit, and can also prevent the plastic sheets from bending and deforming when stored in the warehouse.
Polyreflex's standard packing material for exporting plastic boards include PE bags, cardboard, plywood pallets, fumigated solid wood pallets, and plastic pallets. Custom packaging services are available. For direct retail plastic sheets or processed plastic products, we can provide customized inner packaging and outer packaging with printing.
  • PE Bag / PE Film

    is the most common packaging material we use to pack lightweight PP corflute sheet and PP honeycomb board.

    According to the thickness of the plastic sheet itself, we usually pack the sheets into multiple pieces per pack. Then add protection to the four corners of each package.

    Cut to size green PP corrugated sheets
    Standard 1000*2000mm PP honeycomb sheets
    Custom circular plates for canvas bag liner
    2mm thick corflute sheet for floor covering
  • Cardboard and paper-plastic compound bag

    Customized plastic products that can be sold directly to consumers usually use cartons for outer packaging and color boxes for inner packaging. Or use Gaylord pallet box according to customer requirements.

    For flexible and thin TPO, ABS, PE sheets or rolls, we use paper-plastic compound bag for packing.

    Inner cardboard protector
    Outer protector for straps
    Gaylord pallet box
    Wrap with PE shrinkable film
    Packaging of small customized products
    Cut to size TPO sheets
    800mm wide TPO in rolls
    Standard 1220*2440mm ABS sheets
  • Plywood pallets, fumigated solid wood pallets

    Plastic sheets can be placed directly on the wooden pallet, or packed in a PE bag or carton and then placed on the pallet. The sizes of wooden pallets that Polyreflex stocks are 1000*2000mm and 1220*2440mm. Pallet size can also be customized according to product and packaging needs.

    1000*1000mm ABS sheets
    Unfolded PP corrugated boxes
    1360*640mm honeycomb panel
    Collapsible sleeve packs
  • PE pallet and PP pallet

    is more durable than wooden pallets and has the advantages of being waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Polyethylene pallets and polypropylene pallets are both our products and packaging materials for our products.

    1500 lbs. black PP pallet
    PP corrugated sheets in roll
    Collapsible plastic sleeves
    0.8mm blue PP film sheet
  • Mixed-packed

    is a convenient packing method for transportation protection, loading and unloading, storage and distribution of goods. It is also the packaging method we often use.

    PP honeycomb panel
    Custom cut fluted sheet
    Changeable message sign
    TPO sheet


Polyreflex has been China's top polypropylene sheet and thermoplastic sheet manufacturer for 15 years. We focus on lightweight polypropylene sheets, including pp corrugated board, pp honeycomb board and pp bubble board. Our solid thermoplastic sheets include PP sheets and films, HDPE sheets, ABS sheets, TPO sheets and ABS/PMMA composite sheets. In addition to wholesale plastic sheets, we also provide customized processing services including cutting to size, CNC routing, die cutting, printing, bending, welding, thermoforming, etc.