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PP Honeycomb Panel

Polyreflex polypropylene honeycomb panel exhibits a unique sandwich structure with a honeycomb structure is used as the core layer, and the single or double surface has a bubble finish or a flat finish. Plastic honeycomb board is lightweight, chemical resistance, impact resistance, easy to process, duable and recyclable. It is widely used in the automotive industry, logistics and transportation, warehouse and turnover management, packaging, advertising and display, construction, etc.

Polypropylene (PP) Bubble Board

Polyreflex polypropylene bubble board is a hollow triple-wall structure plastic board with a cylindrical structure as the core layer and single or double flat surfaces with a bubble finish. PP bubble board can be compounded with non-woven fabric to obtain more applications, such as the spare wheel covers in the car trunk. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, flame retardant and noise isolating, so it is widely used in the automotive industry, as luggage liner panel, seat back panel, wall lining and flooring of van, SUV, caravan, etc.

Plastic Pallet Sleeve System

Polyreflex pallet sleeve container is developed to be durable, returnable and economical, provide a perfect solution for logistics and turnover systems to support, store, protect and transport unit loads of bulk goods or materials. Polyreflex pallet sleeve system adopts all-in-one design, when empty, sleeve packs are collapsed, the top lid, pallet base and sleeve are available as a set, providing an excellent empty container return rate, helping to reduce transportation costs and storage space. One truck of folded sleeve packs can be used to transport 10 trucks of assembled pallet containers with cargo. If the video below cannot be opened, please click here to open it.

Polypropylene (PP) Corrugated Sheet

Polyreflex PP corrugated sheet is made of polypropylene copolymer, homopolymer resin and some fillers. It is also called twinwall PP panel, fluted polypropylene sheet, corflute sheet or coroplast sheet. PP corrugated sheet is absolutely harmless and odourless, moisture resistance, anti-corrosion. Its special and great properties such as strong, lightweight, various colors make it good in packaging, advertising sign, construction, agriculture and industry uses. If the video below cannot be opened, please click here to open it.

Plastic Box & Divider

Polyreflex plastic box and divider are made of PP corrugated sheet or PP honeycomb sheet with reinforcing agents, it is designed to be lightweight, durable, reusable and economical, provide a perfect solution for packaging to store, protect and transport valuable, fragile, non-waterproof goods or materials (such as electronics, cosmetic, fruits and beverage) to distributors, retailers and end users. Polyreflex provides internal protective packaging solutions, including custom dividers and partitions, foam inserts, dunnage, bags and wraps.

ABS Sheet

ABS sheet, ABS stands for acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, is an engineering thermoplastic widely used in daily life and industry. The reason why ABS sheet is so popular is that ABS effectively combines the excellent properties of PB, PAN and PS, and is a plastic with excellent mechanical properties that has both toughness, hardness and rigidity.
The performance of the three components is fully reflected in the ABS plastic, Acrylonitrile gives it hardness, and makes it resistant to chemical corrosion and heat. Butadiene makes it highly elastic and tough. Styrene imparts the processability of thermoplastics and improves electrical properties.
Polyreflex manufactures and wholesales ABS plastic sheet and injection molded ABS products for over 15 years. Our ABS sheets include ABS sheets with smooth or texture surface for printing or thermoforming, two-color ABS sheets, mechanically enhanced ABS sheets for industrial use, and ABS composite sheets such as ABS/PMMA composite sheets , ABS/PC composite sheets. In addition, our machining center can complete various customized processing of ABS sheets, and provide customers with laser cutting, CNC cutting, and thermoforming of plastic sheets.

TPO Sheet

Polyreflex thermoplastic polyolefin commonly referred to as TPO, it is a mixed material composed of polyolefin (PP or PE), rubber and certain fillers (talc, carbon fiber, etc.). These are members of the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) family. They generally have good hardness, flexural fatigue, impact resistance and excellent resistance to certain chemicals. TPO is also highly resistant to UV radiation and extremes in temperature, making it ideal for outdoor use.

HDPE Sheet

HDPE sheet / High Density PolyEthylene sheet is a durable and versatile thermoplastic sheet with high impact strength, high friction resistance, toughness and low temperature resistance (-50ºC to 80ºC). HDPE sheet has effective resistance to corrosion, mold, mildew, and rotting, this makes it extremely durable in various environments. These excellent properties make HDPE sheet widely used in chemical, mechanical, electric power, packaging, food and other industries.
Polyreflex manufactures and wholesales HDPE sheets in thicknesses from 0.4mm to 200mm, and we also supply UHMWPE sheet, also known as UPE sheet, which is manufactured by compression molding.


UHMWPE is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with an average molecular weight of more than two million. UHMWPE has more excellent properties than HDPE, such as extremely high wear resistance, high impact resistance, good self-lubricating ability, and anti-aging. It can still maintain good toughness and mechanical strength at liquid nitrogen temperature. Excellent chemical and mechanical properties make UHMWPE sheet widely used in electric power, marine, coking, coal, paper, textile, chemical and other industries.

Polypropylene (PP) Sheet

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the plastics widely used in daily life and industry. As a member of thermoplastics, polypropylene can be made into various plastic products for different purposes through different processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, rotomolding, and foaming.
The benefits of PP sheet are high impact resistance, excellent heat resistance and chemical stability. PP sheet is resistant to most acids, alkalis, salts and oxidants. In addition, it has extremely high machinability and can be CNC cut, thermal bent, welded by PP rod and butt welded. These advantages make PP sheet an ideal material for manufacturing chemical equipment.
Polyreflex is a professional polypropylene sheet extrusion and injection molding manufacturer. We offer customized processing for plastic sheets, such as CNC cutting, vacuum forming, welding, bending and assembly. Generally speaking, we have common polypropylene sheets in stock. For special purpose or performance-enhanced polypropylene sheets, we will arrange custom production, with a lead time of about 15 days. If you have purchasing or processing needs of PP sheets, please feel free to contact us and let us know your detailed requirements, and we will customize and produce performance-enhanced polypropylene sheets that meet your application.

Polypropylene (PP) Film

Polyreflex polypropylene film sheet is a flexible and wear-resistant thermoplastic sheets or rolls, made of non-toxic, odorless polypropylene material through extrusion production. PP film sheet is highly processable, easy to offset printing, easy to fold into a box, and excellent molding ability, making it a popular packaging material in the food industry, cosmetics, toy, and electronics industry.

Construction Honeycomb Panel

Polyreflex polypropylene building honeycomb panels have a thickness ranging from 15mm to 29mm. Without using any glue, four layers of polypropylene are tightly laminated together. Ultra-thick lightweight plastic board is developed as a light-weight building material. It is used as a bottom plate on the back of quartz stone countertops and porcelain countertops. In addition, ultra-thick PP honeycomb panels can also be used as wall panels and partition panels.

Custom & Processing Work

Polyreflex has strong custom and processing capacity. With advanced processing machines, special tools, clean and spacious space, excellent design team, skilled workers, we can meet various custom and processing requirements. Main processing works: CNC engraving, die-cutting, laser engraving, bending, sealing, gluing, printing, vacuum forming, injection molding, blow molding, assembly, etc.