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High Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Boards

High Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Boards
High Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb BoardsHigh Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb BoardsHigh Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb BoardsHigh Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb BoardsHigh Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Boards

High Impact Resistance Plastic Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Boards

Lightweight Polypropylene PP Honeycomb Panel is easy to process by die-cut, CNC engrave, sealing, bending and others.
CategoriesPP Honeycomb Panel
ProductPolyreflex PP honeycomb board
Standard ColorGrey, white, black, blue, green,custom colors
Provided ServiceDie-cut, cnc engrave, seal, bend, weld, assembly
Custom WorkColor, size, weight, cutting, printing
CertificateRoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead/Formaldehyde
Main ApplicationPallet sleeve packs, turnover boxes, flight cases
FOB portNingbo port, Shanghai port
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, O/A
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Polyreflex Polypropylene Honeycomb Panel

  • High Impact Resistance
  • Easy Processing
  • Lightweight
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Structure and Surface
  • Processing
  • Sealing Types
  • Uses


Polyreflex polypropylene (PP) honeycomb board

is special polypropylene board featuring a hollow, honeycomb core.The sandwich sturcture of the panel is complted by 2 outer layers of solid polypropylene sheets.

Polyreflex polypropylene honeycomb board is remarkably strong and lightweight material, it's easy for processing and recyclability, this special feature makes it suitable for the automobile industry, logistics and transportation, warehouse and turnover management, packaging, advertising and display, construction, etc.

structure of Polyreflex pp honeycomb board
lightweight pp sheet


Polyreflex PP honeycomb boards has a honeycomb core structure. With the low density of the thermoplastic structure, PP honeycomb boards is lighter in weight and more convenient to use.
Impact Resistant plastic honeycomb board

Smart Board

Polypropylene honeycomb panel have a very stable structure, both the length and width direction have good strength.  Though it is lightweight, it can carry a heavy weight due to the board's smart honeycomb bubble structure.


Polyreflex PP honeycomb boards are 100% recyclable, it is made of polypropylene raw materials. Our products have been passed RoHS, REACH and heavy metal testing, and it's food-grade environmentally friendly materials.

stable structure

Impact Resistance

With a stable honeycomb core structure and two layers of solid sheets, the PP honeycomb boards have superior impact resistance and high load capacity compared to other lightweight boards.

Easy processing 

Polypropylene honeycomb boards is easy for processing, like sealing, welding, bending, die-cutting, CNC engraving, and printing.


Product Type Thin Thick Ultra-thick
Image thin pp honeycomb sheet thick pp honeycomb sheet ultra thick pp honeycomb sheet
Thickness 1mm - 6mm 6mm - 12mm 15mm - 29mm
Width max. 1900m max. 1950mm
max. 1400mm
standard 550mm, 1100mm
Density 250 - 2500 g/m2 2000 - 4500 g/m2 3200 - 4700 g/m2
Standard Color grey, white grey beige, grey
Surface Type matt + matt matt + matt rough + texture
matt + rough matt + rough
texture texture
Composite Material Options
anti-slip thermoplastic anti-slip thermoplastic non-woven fabric
non-woven fabric non-woven fabric
other composite other composite

Structure Type

Matt polypropylene honeycomb board
Colored matt and rough honeycomb board

The surface is the same color as the honeycomb core

two colored polypropylene honeycomb board

The color of the surface and honeycomb core is different

Polypropylene honeycomb board with nonwoven fabric

Spunbond non-woven fabric covers the polypropylene honeycomb panel

single flat pp with honeycomb core

Single flat wall with polypropylene honeycomb layer

Surface Type

Matt polypropylene honeycomb board

Double-sided matt finish

Rough polypropylene honeycomb board

One side is matt, the other side is rough finish

polypropylene matt bubble board

One side is matt, the other side is bubble finish

textured pp honeycomb board

Textured finish

Composite Material Options

Anti-slip polypropylene honeycomb board

Anti-slip thermoplastic

PP bubble board with low density fabric

80g/m2 non-woven fabric

polypropylene bubble board with high density fabric

150g/m2 & 250g/m2 non-woven fabric

Anti-slip polypropylene honeycomb board

Anti-slip material

Types of Processing

die-cutting honeycomb panel

Die cutting

CNC cutting honeycomb panel

CNC engraving

Hot bending processing

Hot bending

Butt welding for sleeve pack

Butt welding

Ultra-sonic welding

Ultra-sonic welding

die-cut punching

Ultra-sonic welding & die-cut punching

Sealing Types

pp honeycomb board with round edge

Round edge

pp honeycomb board with narrow flat edge

Narrow flat edge

pp honeycomb board with wider flat edge

Wider flat edge

The Use of Polypropylene Honeycomb Board

                                 Pallet Sleeve Boxes

Foldable lightweight pallet sleeve box / Reusable plastic containers / Pallet containers

Collapsible lightweight pallet sleeve box

Turnover Boxes

100% Recyclable plastic box / Durable reusable stackable storage boxes

Durable reusable stackable packaging boxes

Flight Cases and Equipment Boxes

Scratch resistant and easy to clean / High impact resistant for protection / Durable protective case

Flight Cases and Equipment Boxes

Automotive Interior Use

Fire-resistant polypropylene honeycomb sheet for vehicle lining, van lining and flooring

van lining and flooring

Sign & Display

Polypropylene honeycomb sheet is suitable for printing and has good ink absorption / Can be used outdoors with UV resistant

Polypropylene honeycomb sheet for printing

Construction Use

Lightweight and durable plastic flooring for protection during house decoration and construction

Polypropylene honeycomb sheet for construction

Other Uses of Polypropylene Honeycomb Board

Divider for document holder and boxes / Plastic bottles recycling bins / Warehouse logistics turnover trolley baffle / Decorative screen / Temporary partition panel

logistics turnover trolley baffle
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Polyreflex is a professional manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences, with five production sites located in China and one production site located in Vietnam.

Can you cut to size or print or thermoform?

Of course we can. Polyreflex processing center has a variety of advanced processing equipment, and a well-trained and experienced technical team to meet the customized needs of customers, such as cutting, machining, vacuum forming, injection molding, blow molding, assembly, etc.

What is the payment method?

T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union payment are available. Polyreflex is an Alibaba certified supplier, and it is also okay to place an order through Alibaba. https://polyreflex-cn.en.alibaba.com/

What is the lead time?

Usually 15 to 20 days. The specific lead time is best to be confirmed after letting us know the order details. We have stock of plastic sheets to meet urgent needs, and we can also advance the delivery time for customers according to the production condition.

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