The Material Polyreflex specially for automobile industry is Plastic honeycomb panel, PP bubble board with fiber, PP bubble board without fiber, plastic corrugated sheet, ABS, TPO sheet, in different sizes.

Interiors of Vans and Trucks

Polyreflex materials are widely used in the interiors of vans and trucks. Whether you are a car modification enthusiast, a professional automobile manufacturer or a modification company, we can make your vehicle interiors even more attractive and functional. Different from the traditional interior panel, such as plywood, Polyreflex lightweight honeycomb panel has a lighter weight, is waterproof, rot and corrosion resistant, and also has a strong impact resistance. Polyreflex plastic panel can make the installation work of workers easier. It can also save the driver's fuel cost or electricity cost, as well as maintenance costs.

Automotive Components

Polyreflex high-quality plastics are used in automotive industry, which not only bring comfort and elegance, but also bring integrated functions into the interior of the vehicle. We provide ABS sheet, TPO sheet, TPE sheet, Polypropylene (PP) bubble board with nonwoven fibre, Polypropylene sheet to domestic and foreign automobile component manufacturers. In addition, we also provide finished automotive components to motor corporations, such as Mazda, Honda, Volkswagen, and Ford.





Cost saving

Light weight

Easy formability

Easy installation

High impact strength


Van wall liners and ceiling liners decorated by pp honeycomb panel
Spare tire cover / trunk covering panel made by pp bubble board with fiber
Structural parts made by pp honeycomb panle or pp bubble sheet
Car / van flooring, foot pad, trunk tray made by TPO sheet
Many exterior & interior trims like bumper, dash panel, door trim etc. made by ABS sheet