Sign & Display

Polyreflex has more than ten years of practical experience in the field of sign and display, and has developed a series of plastic sheets suitable for various types of advertising display. For plastic sheets suitable for digital printing, UV printing, silk screen printing, relief printing, we would like to recommend PP corrugated board, PP honeycomb board, PVC foam board, ABS sheet, PVC sheet and PP sheet. Offset printing is widely used in plastic sheets with a thickness of less than 1mm. These materials are highly flat, lightweight, waterproof, economical and weather resistant, making them ideal printing materials.
Polyreflex not only provides professional printing materials, but also has strong processing capabilities and one-stop supporting capabilities. We take into account the processing needs, budgets and product applications, so as to select the most suitable materials for our customers, and provide customized processing services, procurement services and packaging services. Provide customers with the best solutions for sign and display in the most efficient and economical way.

PP corrugated and honeycomb sheet

Polyreflex plastic corrugated sheet and plastic honeycomb sheet are hollow boards made of polypropylene, which are environmentally friendly, chemical resistant and high temperature resistant. PP corrugated sheets and PP honeycomb panels have the advantages of being lightweight, not easy to be brittle, and durable, making them ideal for use as printed signboards. They can be made into self-supporting display boards and booths by the processing of creasing and welding. When used as outdoor advertising boards, their anti-aging properties can be enhanced by adding anti-ultraviolet agents to the raw materials, thereby extending the outdoor use time. PP corrugated board is affordable, waterproof, anti-corrosion, rich in color, can be made to a certain thickness but still remain lightweight, which makes it more popular in the advertising industry. In contrast, PP honeycomb panels have better strength, but may be more expensive. Customers can choose according to their needs.

PP, ABS, PS, PVC and PMMA sheet

Plastic sheets made of PP, ABS, PS, PVC and PMMA are common thin sheet materials used in printing. As a plastic sheet for advertising, it is not enough to have good performance in cutting and printing, but also need to have good thermoforming properties. The thermoforming process makes the flat advertising display three-dimensional, which makes it more interesting and attractive. At Polyreflex, you can purchase a variety of plastic sheets in mixed specifications at wholesale prices, or you can directly purchase printed advertising boards or thermoformed advertising parts after providing us with customized processing requirements. How to choose the most suitable solution among various materials, and which way to process it, please feel free to leave these questions to us, and we will recommend solutions according to your usage environment and requirements.

PVC foam board

If you are looking for an advertising material with a weight between PP corrugated sheet and solid plastic board, with good printing and processing performance, and can meet indoor and outdoor use, PVC foam board will be your best choice. PVC foam board is an expanded rigid and lightweight plastic board with a cellular core. Polyreflex supplies printable PVC foam boards with a matte finish. This technology makes the surface of the ink adsorption to enhance the ink dry fast and not easy to scratch off. Compared with other advertising materials, PVC foam board has a wider size range. Its regular widths are 1220mm, 1560mm and 2050mm, and its thickness range is 3mm to 30mm. This allows PVC foam board to have a better and flexible application in the advertising industry.


Light weight

Weather resistant

100% Recyclable

Cost saving

Good ink absorption

Multiple printing methods

Highly customizable

Easy processing


Yard Signs

Yard signs usually use PP corrugated sheet. This is because the corrugated board has a 3-10mm wide flute, which can be inserted into the iron stand, and then the iron stand is inserted on the ground for display. Of course, there are also customers who prefer to use PVC foam boards as signboards. In addition to being used as yard signs, our plastic boards are also widely used in various signs, such as promotion signs, sidewalk sign, caution sign, exhibition display, booth banner, trafic sign, supermarket hanging signs, direction signboard, substrate for billboards.

Letters and Chalk Boards

Polyreflex has strong processing customization capabilities, which can customize a variety of letter signs and chalk boards. White thin PP sheets and PVC sheets printed with characters can be inserted into PVC strips glued on PP corrugated chalk board, and then freely combined into words and sentences to display content flexibly. The characters can be clearly seen even at night when they are printed on the transparent PVC sheet and placed on the light box. The PP corrugated board used as chalk board can be directly written on it with chalk or marker. It can be wiped off with a wet rag and used for repeated writing.

Standing Signs and Exhibition Display

PP corrugated sheet and PP honeycomb board, printed with exquisite patterns, can be made into various standing signs and exhibition displays by creasing, jointing and assembling. They are often self-assembled without the need for metal fittings and hardware. When the printed display rack needs to have a certain bearing capacity, for example, goods need to be placed on it, then we recommend the use of PVC foam board. Assemble the printed PVC foam boards into display rack with brackets and screws.

Caution and Traffic Signs

In recent years, PP corrugated boards and PVC foam boards have been widely used in caution and traffic signs. Compared to the traditional metal signs, these hollow and foamed plastic boards are not only rust-proof, easy to work with, but also greatly reduced in cost.