Since its establishment in 2006, Polyreflex has been a manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in the production of lightweight hollow polypropylene sheets and solid thermoplastic sheets. Many of our customers come from the automotive industry, our plastic sheets are applied to the interior and exterior of vehicles. Some of our materials are directly used inside the vehicles after being cut, and some are made into car components after being thermoformed. This discovery motivates us to increase research on the application of Polyreflex plastic sheets in the automotive industry, and combine the needs of our customers to produce improved plastic sheets specifically for automotive applications, thus providing more solutions for automotive industry.

Interiors of Vans and Trucks

Whether you are a car modification enthusiast, a professional automobile manufacturer or a car modification company, we can make your vehicle interiors more beautiful and functional by using Polyreflex materials. If you are looking for new materials for automotive interior panels, we would like to recommend polypropylene honeycomb panel, pp bubble board with or without non-woven fabric to you. Lightweight polypropylene board is waterproof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion and easy to clean, its hollow honeycomb core structure makes it lighter, yet has a strong impact resistance. Polyreflex plastic sheet can make the installation work easier, and can also save the driver's fuel cost or electricity cost, as well as maintenance cost.

Automotive Components

Polyreflex high-quality plastics are used in automotive industry, which not only bring comfort and elegance, but also bring integrated functions to the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Polyreflex thermoplastic ABS sheet and TPO sheet have excellent thermoforming performance, whether it is vacuum forming or blow molding. Polyreflex ABS sheet has the characteristics of impact resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, it is the best material for the manufacture of front and rear bumpers, instrument panels, interior trims, rear parcel shelf, cargo box, and roof boot. TPO / TPE sheet has good flexibility and fine surface textures to increase aesthetics and good touch, it is the preferred material for the manufacture of car mats and trunk mats.





Cost saving

Light weight

Easy formability

Easy installation

High impact strength


Polypropylene honeycomb panel used as wall liner, ceiling liner and flooring of van

Used as interior wall liner, ceiling liner, door liner of vans or minivans, the suitable thickness of PP honeycomb panels is 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. For the flooring of vans or trucks, PP honeycomb panels with a thickness of 10mm and a weight of 3500gsm are commonly used.

PP bubble board with non-woven fiber used as spare tire cover, seat back panel and trunk luggage rack

PP bubble board can be with or without non-woven fabric according to your needs. We provide PP bubble board with large board size, we also provide processed finished automotive products according to your requirements. Our processing services include die cutting, edge sewing wrapping, hot melt sealing, creasing, and thermoforming.

Various car components made of Polyreflex materials suitable for Mazda, Honda, Volkswagen, and Ford

As a manufacturer of plastic sheets, Polyreflex provides ABS sheets, TPO sheets, TPE sheets, PP bubble boards, PP honeycomb panels to domestic and foreign automotive component manufacturers. In addition, we have thermal processing capabilities to provide finished automotive components to motor corporations.

Car floor mat, auto foot pad, trunk mat made of thermoformed TPO sheet

We provide TPO sheets or rolls with smooth or textured surfaces, and finished auto products for vehicles.

Bumper, dash panel, door trim, entry guards, scuff plate, wheel fender made of ABS sheet