In line with the purpose of meeting the various logistics turnover needs of customers and saving transportation and storage costs for customers, Polyreflex has developed a series of plastic boxes made of PP hollow board. Polyreflex provides customers with a one-stop services of effective packaging solutions from producing PP hollow boards, customizing box structures, manufacturing boxes, matching accessories to humanized packaging. Polypropylene (PP) not only has outstanding physical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, chemical stability and electrical properties, but also can be perfectly compatible with strength and toughness after being extruded into corrugated and honeycomb hollow structures, which makes it an extremely popular material in the logistics industry.

Boxes made of PP hollow material are more durable and waterproof than cardboard boxes, more insect-proof and mildew-proof than wooden boxes, more cost-effective than injection-molded boxes, and rust-proof and lighter than metal boxes.

PP Corrugated Box

PP corrugated sheet can achieve various functions such as easy printing, enhanced strength, cold resistance, anti-UV, anti-static, conductive, flame retardant and other functions through the adjustment of raw material formula and surface treatment in the production process. We have a low minimum order quantity for PP corrugated sheets of different colors and sizes, and we accept orders of mixed specifications. If your needs are to transport small-sized items, the load-bearing index of the box is not high, but you need to have high customization requirements for the function, color and structure of the box, then we would say that the hollow box is a good choice.

returnable corrugated pp plastic box

PP Honeycomb Box

Compared with PP corrugated sheets, PP honeycomb panels have better performance in impact resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation, and butt-welding strength, and there are various surface options. Therefore, when the volume and weight of the items that need to be stored or transported are relatively large, or when the value of the items is high and needs more safety protection, we will strongly recommend that you choose a box made of PP honeycomb panels. However, the raw materials, production and processing requirements of PP honeycomb panels are higher, and its minimum order quantity is also higher, which is suitable for customers who can purchase in large quantities.

returnable plastic box and divider

Plastic Pallet Container

Polyreflex plastic pallet container consists of a blow-molded HDPE lid, bottom pallet, and one or two pallet sleeves made of polypropylene (PP) honeycomb panels. Both PE and PP are non-toxic, reusable and recyclable materials.When cargo needs to be shipped, the unfolded pallet sleeve can stand firmly between the HDPE lid and bottom pallet by being fastened in the slot, converting into a large storage container. When not in use, the pallet sleeve can be folded and stored between the lid and the bottom pallet, which is convenient for transportation and storage, saves space, greatly saves costs, and reduces carbon emissions. The lid and bottom pallet are ingeniously designed to stack on top of each other to save even more space. The bottom pallet can be securely nested over the lid, which allows the pallet container can be stacked in multiple layers without slipping off easily. If any one of the three components of the Polyreflex plastic pallet container is damaged, it is not necessary to scrap the whole set, but only replace the damaged parts, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

returnable plastic pallet container


Strong bearing capacity

100% recyclable


Low maintenance

Chemical resistant

Cost saving

Easy installation

Customizable color & printing

Automotive and Machinery Industry

Turnover packaging in the automotive industry (auto parts, headlights, automotive circuit assemblies, car battery packs, etc.), returnable packaging for machinery and equipment, and reusable packaging for transportation of goods in supermarkets.

  • retunable packaging for machine parts
  • retunable plastic pallet container
Electronics Industry

Turnover packaging specially designed for transporting electronic products, which can effectively prevent static electricity.

  • returnable package for laptop and tablet
  • Anti-static packaging
Cosmetics and Beverage Industry

Compared with cardboard turnover boxes, plastic turnover boxes have better performance in terms of moisture resistance and durability.

  • Cosmetics returnable packaging
  • pp plastic bottle layer pad