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    Polyreflex factory with the total production area of 89,000 SQM.

    We own 24 production lines (5 lines in Dongguan, 4 lines in Yichun and 15 lines in Vietnam) for PP corrugated sheet, 6 production lines for plastic honeycomb sheet (3 lines in Guangzhou and 3 lines in Wuxi), 5 production lines for PP/PE/ABS/TPO plastic sheets.
    Besides these extruded production lines, we also own 7 automatic die-cutting machines and several semi-automatic die-cutting machines, injection machine, CNC engraving machines, hydraulic hot pressing machine, bending machine, sealing machine, ultrasonic welding machines, laser coding machine etc.
    • Vietnam plant for PP corrugated sheet

      In order to cope with the changing international trade environment, reduce the extra 25% - 35% tariffs of our American customers on importing plastic sheets, Polyreflex built a factory in Vietnam, all goods are exported directly from Ho Chi Minh Port to the United States.

      15 production lines in Vietnam factory
      Production of white corrugated sheet
      Cutting corrugated sheet on production line
      Die-cut corrugated sheet

      PP corrugated sheet production in China

      Polyreflex owned the first Corflute sheet production line in Dongguan City, Guangdong in 2006. So far, Polyreflex has a total of 9 production lines in China, with a monthly production capacity of 900 tons. The thickness production range of fluted sheets is 1.5mm to 14.5mm.

      Corona treatment
      Production of blue corflute sheet
      Grey corflute sheet in roll
      Edge sealing processing

      PP honeycomb panel production

      With the increasing market demand and more extensive applications for lightweight plastic panels, Polyreflex developed a new type of hollow plastic panel with better strength and durability based on plastic corrugated sheets, called polypropylene honeycomb panels.

      Production of grey honeycomb board
      Green honeycomb board, 1.2M in width
      3mm thick PP honeycomb panel
      Production machine

      PP bubble sheet production

      For the application of lightweight polypropylene plastic sheets in the automotive industry, Polyreflex added the production lines of PP bubble sheet. The maximum production width of PP bubble board is 1.5M and the surface of the board can be covered with non-woven fabric.

      PP bubble sheet with single-sided nonwovens
      PP bubble sheet with double-sided nonwovens
      Thermal cutting, hot-pressing
      CNC cutting
    • PP PE ABS TPO sheet production

      Polyreflex solid plastic factories specializes in high-quality engineering plastic boards, including PP, HDPE, TPO & TPE, ABS, ABS and PMMA composite boards, etc. The specs and performance of the plastic sheet can be adjusted according to customer needs and product applications.

      Beige white ABS sheet
      2.5mm thick TPO sheet
      Matt transparent PP film
      Glossy white ABS sheet
    • Reusable packaging box

      Polyreflex specializes in manufacturing plastic packaging boxes. We offer a wide variety of plastic boxes with high quality and long service life. Welcome to contact us for customize packaging box, or let us know your needs and we will design a suitable packing box for you.

      Die cut pp corrugated box
      plastic packaging box with handle
      Standard plastic box with handle
      Stackable returnable plastic box
      Stackable plastic box
      packaging box with lid and divider
      Plastic packaging box with lid and divider
      waterproof plastic box for fruit
      Plastic box for fruit
    • Production of pallet sleeves

      Polyreflex is the most professional manufacturer of plastic sleeve packs in China, with the most advanced technology and equipment, and a team of skilled employees. At least 20 containers of pallet sleeves are exported every month. At the same time, Polyreflex also produces HDPE bottom pallets and top lids for use with pallet sleeves.

      Large format die-cutting
      Flat edge sealing
      Round edge sealing
      Door and window opening
      Make creasing
      Butt welding
      Flat sleeve packs before butt-welding
      HDPE pallet and lid
    • Manufacture of automotive components

      The automotive components produced by Polyreflex meet the odor level requirements for German, Japanese, and domestic vehicles. Automotive interior materials have high strength, low VOC, and flame retardant requirements meet national standards.

      TPO auto foot pad
      PP bubble plate for vehicle
      Mould of trunk mat
      Hot-pressing PP bubble plate


    Polyreflex has been China's top polypropylene sheet and thermoplastic sheet manufacturer for 15 years. We focus on lightweight polypropylene sheets, including pp corrugated board, pp honeycomb board and pp bubble board. Our solid thermoplastic sheets include PP sheets and films, HDPE sheets, ABS sheets, TPO sheets and ABS/PMMA composite sheets. In addition to wholesale plastic sheets, we also provide customized processing services including cutting to size, CNC routing, die cutting, printing, bending, welding, thermoforming, etc.