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Polypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and Logistics

Polypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and Logistics
Polypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and LogisticsPolypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and LogisticsPolypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and LogisticsPolypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and LogisticsPolypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and Logistics

Polypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and Logistics

Reusable Durable Big PP Polypropylene Plastic container storage box for warehouse and logistics with locks to fix
CategoriesPlastic Pallet Sleeve System
ModelPR-plastic storage box
ProductPolypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock
Provided ServiceEdge sealing, welding,die-cutting,door, printing..
Custom Workcolor, size, GSM, function, pack, process
CertificateRoSH, REACH, V0-V2 @UL94, No Lead, No Formaldehyde
Main ColorPallet sleeve: grey; lid & pallet: black
Main Applicationstorage, shipping, moving, logistics, packag
Size Range370-1470mm
FOB portShanghai, China
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal, O/A
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Polyreflex Pallet Sleeve System

  • Collapsible
  • Reusable
  • Heavy Load
  • Description
  • Standard Sizes
  • Stacked Layer
  • Custom Sleeve Packs
  • Folding Steps
  • Folding Type
  • Product Images


Polypropylene Plastic Storage Box with Lock for Warehouse and Logistics 

provide a perfect solution for warehouse, logistics and turnover system, it has advantages of light weight, heavy carry, reusable, collapsible. It's lighter and moth proof than plywood crate, durable and waterproof than carton box. 

A pallet sleeve pack set is made up of a HDPE pallet base, collapsible polypropylene triple walls, and a top lid. The pallet base and top lid are nestable and thus the pallet sleeve systems can be stably stacked to help optimize storage and transportation utilization. 

The pallet sleeve box sysstem performs very well in flowers and trees transportation, vegetable transportation, electronic display, auto parts, car headlights, car circuit assembly, car battery pack, new energy vehicle battery pack.

Pallet Sleeve Container with doors

Locks to fix it well 

Could use 4 plastic locks to fix the top lid and bottom pallet with the sleeves, to help the whole pallet pack box set connect firmly with each other; when you need to seperate them and fold the sleeve, just push the locks to unlock


The pallets and lids are nestable and the sleeves are collapsible, yielding improved warehouse utilization and reducing freight costs. One truck of folded sleeve packs can be used to transport 10 trucks of assembled pallet boxes with cargo.


Lightweight polypropylene pallet box sleeve  has more cycles than cardboard sleeves. Although the price of PP sleeve is higher, it usually paying for itself within 6 months. A plastic sleeve container can withstand more than 20,000 folds.

Easy to Assemble

Polyreflex pallet sleeve system is easy to assemble and disassemble. It takes one person only a minute to assemble or disasemble a container: taking off the lid, unfold the sleeves, put back the lid. No need any special tools to help the job.

sizes of sleeve packs

Easy to transport and store 

Polyreflex plastic polypropylene pallet containers have the standard sizes 4 feet pallet, easy to use forklift to liftup, put down and transport. The sleeve part can fold inside the pallet and lid, then pile up to store.

Standard Sizes

Components Lid Sleeve Pack Pallet
Material        Thermoformed HDPE                 Polypropylene                Thermoformed HDPE       
Thickness of material ——  8 - 12mm ——
Weight of material —— 2500 - 4200 g/m2 ——
External length 700 - 1470mm 660 - 1430mm 700 - 1470mm
External width 400 - 1150mm 360 - 1110mm 400 - 1150mm
External height 700 - 1200mm
Stack layer 1+1 for dynamic load, 1+3 for static load
Payload 200 - 400KG
Max. ballast 600 - 1200KG

Stacked Layer

Stacked Layer of pallet boxes
Injection molded HDPE pallet

upper side of bottom pallet

Injection molded HDPE top lid and pallet

bottom side of bottom pallet

Polyreflex all-in-one collapsible sleeve packs

upper side of top lid

The bottom pallets can be nested

bottom side of top lid

Custom Sleeve Packs

Custom heights and double color pallet sleeve packs are available

Polyreflex provides custom color and printing of sleeve box

The spacer layer in the plastic pallet box

Custom shape and structure of sleeves are available

plastic sleeve packs with PVC profiles

The spacer layer and the door opening are optional

Custom printing for plastic sleeve box

Sleeve packs with PVC profiles or steel profiles to strengthen

Folding Steps

the assembled plastic pallet container

❶ The assembled storage box

Remove the top lid

❷ Remove the top lid

pallet box without lid

❸ Take out the inside goods

foldable plastic sleeve boxes

❹ Fold the sleeve up

Lay the folded sleeve pack flat on the pallet

❺ Lay the folded sleeve container flat on the pallet

Put the lid on the sleeve pack

❻ Put the lid on the sleeve and pallet

Folding Type

M Fold - sleeve packs

M Fold - sleeve width is less than or equal to pallet width

Z Fold - sleeve packs

Z Fold - sleeve width is greater than pallet width

I Fold - suitable for small sleeve packs

I Fold - suitable for small sleeve box

Processing Steps

Die-cut the PP honeycomb panel

Ⅰ. Die-cut the PP honeycomb panel

Sealing edges for pallet sleeves

Ⅱ. Sealing edges, the round edge and flat edge are optional

Opening doors on the plastic sleeves

Ⅲ. Opening windows

make creasing on the pp sleeves

Ⅳ. Make the creasing line

Custom printing for sleeve packs

Ⅴ. Customize printing

Butt welding for sleeve pack

Ⅵ. Butt welding 

Product Images

Lid and Pallet

Polyreflex standard bottom pallet, steel tube reinforced pallet, lids and pallets in stock. Please contact us for more designs and sizes of lids and pallets.

HDPE lid and pallet

Sleeve Packs

Finished Polyreflex pallet sleeve packs waiting for packing and shipping.

plastic sleeve packs in warehouse

Polypropylene Bubble Board

Pre-cutting on production line and pre-processed polypropylene honeycomb panel ready to make sleeve packs.

die-cutting honeycomb panel

Packing and Loading

Loading sleeve packs in bulk or with pallet.

bulk packed plastic sleeve packs
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Polyreflex is a professional manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences, with five production sites located in China and one production site located in Vietnam.

Can you cut to size or print or thermoform?

Of course we can. Polyreflex processing center has a variety of advanced processing equipment, and a well-trained and experienced technical team to meet the customized needs of customers, such as cutting, machining, vacuum forming, injection molding, blow molding, assembly, etc.

What is the payment method?

T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union payment are available. Polyreflex is an Alibaba certified supplier, and it is also okay to place an order through Alibaba. https://polyreflex-cn.en.alibaba.com/

What is the lead time?

Usually 15 to 20 days. The specific lead time is best to be confirmed after letting us know the order details. We have stock of plastic sheets to meet urgent needs, and we can also advance the delivery time for customers according to the production condition.

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