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The difference between polypropylene and polyethylene sheet

The difference between polypropylene and polyethylene sheet

Update Time:2021/3/16
Polypropylene Sheet
is a kind of thermoplastic product made by polymerization of propylenea, it includes Copolymer Polypropylene and Homopolymer Polypropylene Sheet.
Polypropylene material is non-toxic, tasteless and waterproof with low density, it can use at around 100℃. It has good chemical stability and easy for vacuforming. 
The disadvantage of polypropylene sheet is low wear resistance and easy to crisp under low tempreture.

Polypropylene Sheet
Colored PP sheet
PP film

Polyethylene Sheet
is a thermoplastic product made by polymerization of ethylene.
Polyethylene material is odorless, non-toxic, with excellent low temperature resistance at -100~-70 °C. It has stable chemical properties and it’s an excellent electrical insulation product.

Polyethylene Sheet
HDPE rod hdpe bar
HDPE sheet

Polyethylene (PE) Sheet mainly includes HDPE Sheet, LDPE Sheet and LLDPE Sheet.
The most popular product is HDPE sheet. HDPE is a high-density polyethylene, it’s a highly HDPE is a non-polar thermoplastic material with high crystallinity. 

Both PP and HDPE is widely used in food packaging. They look simiar but they are difference in performance.

--- HDPE has higher strength and stiffness than PP.
--- HDPE has a better performance on heat resistant, low temperature resistance, anti-aging and toughness than PP.
--- The transparency of PP is better than HDPE.
--- The price of PP is a little lower than HDPE.
--- HDPE is mostly used for structural parts and various parts, while PP is mostly used for water tanks, electroplating tank, containers and others.

Use of polypropylene sheet and polyethylene sheet
HDPE sheet
HDPE for mechanical accessories
HDPE for prosthesis prosthetics
HDPE for swimming pool lining
PP sheet
PP sheet for chemical tank
PP sheet for water tank
thin PP film for printing

Method for distinguishing between PP and HDPE sheets

--- The surface of the HDPE sheet is self-slip, you can touch the surface of the board to distinct. 
Generally, the surface and sides of HDPE sheet are smooth and feel like a candle, while the side of the PP sheet will produce some burrs and it’s rough.

--- The combustibility is different, check the following form.



Combustion Situation

After Extinguishing




Fast melting and dropping with yellow flame

Few smoke and keep burning

Oily but less odor



Slow melting and dropping with yellow & blue fllame

More smoke and keep burning

Paraffin burning and big smelling 

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