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Can the plastic corrugated sheet, honeycomb board and X-shaped board be used outdoors?

Can the plastic corrugated sheet, honeycomb board and X-shaped board be used outdoors?

Update Time:2021/4/27
Outdoor used material --- plastic corrugated sheet, plastic honeycomb panel and X type twin wall hollow sheet.

Outdoor used, that means the material must be UV resistance, and it is used for a long time and age-resistant under the weather of sunning and raining. But how to make UV resistance?

Firstly, we have to know the local outdoor used conditions for PP hollow sheets.

1. Intensity of sunlight (annual average UV exposure, continuous data for at least 10 years) .

2. Moisture and annual precipitation.

3. The lowest temperature.

plastic corrugated sheet
plastic honeycomb paneland X type twin wall hollow sheet
Secondly, what is the service life of PP plastic hollow board?

Generally speaking, PP hollow sheet is used for advertising, truck body, construction, and other areas, the life span depends on the conditions of outdoor used and product application.

Under the condition of strong ultraviolet rays, heavy precipitation, humid and the lower temperature, the aging speed of PP hollow sheet will be faster. 

PP hollow sheet will lose its original properties by light, heat, moisture, and other factors.

We did a two-years outdoor test on regular honeycomb panels and anti-ultraviolet honeycomb panels. 

The sample on the left is the original sample, and the sample on the right has been exposed to sunlight and rain for 24 months.

As for the UV-resistant sample, it has not changed much after two years of testing. However, the test results of ordinary samples are not so good.

anti-ultraviolet honeycomb panels
regular honeycomb panels
Therefore, to slow down the aging speed of PP hollow sheet, the production formula can be adjusted according to different applications, here are the details how Polyreflex do.

* Adding few UV resistant or antioxidant material in product, can effectively improve the atmospheric aging resistance.

* To maintain the color durability, it is necessary to add weather-resistant pigments to adjust the color of the color palette, such as iron oxide red, phthalocyanine blue, carbon black, phthalocyanine green, and titanium dioxide pigments, can improve its weather resistance.

* Adding appropriate amount of titanium dioxide in PP hollow sheet, not only it will not affect the original properties of the sheet, but also it can improve the atmospheric aging resistance of PP hollow sheet.

* Adding appropriate antimony stabilizer to replace lead salt stabilizer in PP hollow sheet, it can improve the impact toughness and atmospheric aging resistance.

pp honeycomb for truck body liner
plastic hollow sheet for traffic sign
Outdoor corflute yard sign boards

For Polyreflex lightweight plastic sheets, different product has different life spans:

1. PP corrugated sheet can be used outdoors for 2 years.
2. PP honeycomb panel and X type twin wall hollow sheet, standard products can be used outdoors for 3 years.

If the service life of 2~3 years is not enough for your application, it can be adjusted by adding high-quality UV resistance enhancer for a service life that more than 5 years.

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