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Letter set for changeable message sign

Letter set for changeable message sign

Jul 19,2021
Polyreflex is a professional manufacturer of PP corrugated sheet and PP honeycomb board. At the same time, we have strong processing capabilities to provide customers with cutting, printing, hot bending, thermoforming, assembly, OEM and ODM services.

Let me share with you the custom letter sets for changeable message sign we made.

Step 1
The preparation of the material, that is, the transparent PVC sheet. The transparent PVC sheets are produced and supplied by Polyreflex.
Step 2
Silk screen printing for transparent PVC sheet. Learn more about screen printing.
Step 3
Die-cut letter sheets and pack them separately with rubber band.
Step 4
Put the letter set into color box and place the reminder card.
Step 5
Pack two boxes in one carton and ship.

Applications of letter sets

If you are interested in such products, or if you have your own design and would like to develop, welcome to contact us to customized solution.