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What Are the Benefits of TPO Plastic Bumper?

What Are the Benefits of TPO Plastic Bumper?

Feb 24,2023
From a safe point of view, the car bumper can play a buffer role when a low-speed collision accident occurs and protect the front and rear car bodies. From the appearance, it is decorative and becomes an important part of the appearance of the decorative car. At the same time, a certain air dynamic effect. The advantage of the TPO plastic bumper is: 

1. Control manufacturing cost
It is undeniable that the original intention of the car bumper to use plastic materials is to save costs. Plastic bumpers can not only save manufacturing costs, but also more easy to produce. After the cost of car manufacturing is controlled, the price of the final product to consumers will be more reasonable.

2. Protecting pedestrians
The safety of the vehicle is definitely not responsible for the component of the bumper. It mainly depends on the body frame structure. Therefore, aside from its manufacturing, protecting pedestrians is also one of its factors that use plastic materials. After all, vehicles cannot only ensure the safety of our drivers and passengers, and protecting pedestrians is also one of the factors for vehicle safety to consider.

TPO front bumper
TPO Front Bumper
TPO bumper
Plastic Bumper

3. Self-repairing ability
If a slight collision occurs, the plastic bumper has good elasticity and has a certain impact resistance. In other words, if the plastic bumper can be repaired automatically if the small bumps are bumped. In the past, some car sellers even used these functions as sales points. For example: there is no painful car paint after the bumper collision, but there are small depression. After the high temperature of the sun, the depressed bumper can be repaired by itself.

4. Better corrosion
We all know that after combining with water and air, metal is easy to rust. The car bumper is more likely to bump compared to other car components. If a metal bumper is adopted, once the car paint is dropped after the collision, the exposed metal will have an oxidation reaction, thereby reducing the life of the bumper. The bumper of the plastic material is different, and it has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

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