Polyreflex's plastic box, sleeve&pallet, all of them are lightweight, high strength, easily folded, recyclable, which are used in morden smart logistics since their durable, easily operated by manul and robot.
Turnover box is widely used in settling long term transportation problems for motive accessories in modern motive industry, for the accessories transferring from producing base to assembling site, then to recycling station.
Turnover box saves much cost on transportation, increasing utilization of the transportation space, and perfectly settling recycling issues for packing material.Plastic honeycomb panel are strong but light weight, weatherproof, tear-proof, reusable and washable. It is used a lot in logistics, which can effectively help users to save huge cost.



Vehicles parts transportation:

  • Sleeves and plastic pallet
  • Returnable packaging/collapsible bulk containers



Electical parts transportation:

  • Anti-static box & electric conductive box



Fruit and vegetable transportation:

  • Self folding&supporting box



Beverage and cosmetic transportation:

  • Corrugated sheet and honeycomb sheet turnover box
  • Waterproof layer pad



Flightcase and intrument transportation:




  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Water proof
  • Cost saving
  • Light weight
  • Longer life span
  • Custom designs
  • Easy installation
  • High impact strength
  • Environmental-friendly



 Vehicles parts transportation

  Electical parts transportation

  Fruit and vegetable transportation

  Beverage and cosmetic transportation

  Flightcase and intrument transportation