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What Are The Advantages of PP Honeycomb Board Pallet Box?

What Are The Advantages of PP Honeycomb Board Pallet Box?

Update Time:2021/9/23
The shortage of natural resources is becoming more and more prominent, and reducing the consumption of paper products is imminent. One of the industries with the largest use of paper products, the logistics packaging industry, has gradually used in various new alternative packaging. The most common alternative packaging is plastic packaging.
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Advantages of Polyreflex Plastic Pallet Box

The service life of the pp honeycomb board pallet box is about 15-20 times than that of carton box. The carton is a one-time product that will be damaged if after several times using, while the service life of the honeycomb board pallet box will be much longer, which greatly reduces the cost. 

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In addition to the powerful function, honeycomb board pallet box can also play a beautiful role. Because the surface of the board is very smooth, many manufacturers will paint the outer layer with different colors or patterns to improve the overall level of the box and make it more attractive. At the same time, it will also improve the quality of the goods inside, bringing more benefits to businesses.

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Advantages of Polyreflex PP Honeycomb Board

PP honeycomb panel is environmentally-friendly board and recyclable packaging materials. Using the honeycomb board for industry recycling and resource reusing is the direction of development, which will have great potential for the overall development of the honeycomb board packaging industry. Due to the characteristics of the material, honeycomb panel packaging products have certain advantages in recycling, which also brings production cost savings and reduction.

Honeycomb board is a tasteless, non-toxic material, which can be used repeatedly. It is not only moisture-proof and dustproof, but also flame retardant, antistatic ,etc. Making the sheets into a variety of different shapes of logistics turnover boxes, in the process of using this box, it can help us to avoid various situations in transportation to a greater extent. For example, due to the bumping of the car, the goods are bumped and bumped, and due to the static electricity in nature, the valuable accessories are damaged, the use of honeycomb pallet sleeve box can protect our products from the damage.

The color, size, shape, thickness, toughness, hardness and printing of plastic honeycomb panels can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements.

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